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Eye treatments

Eye Center is specialized in prevention, medical and surgical treatment of the eyes

Brussels Eye Center

In the heart of Brussels, in the European Community district, the Eye Center is specialized in prevention, medical and surgical treatment of the eyes.

Our center gathers 7 experienced ophthalmologists.




Particular complications to each surgical procedure :

Radial keratotomy
• Visual fluctuations
• Photophobia and night halos
• Secondary or progressive hyperopia
• Theoretical weakening of the eye

PRK Lasek
• Post-operative pain from 2 to 3 days
• Late healing of the epithelium
• Haze or sub-epithelial cicatrisation inducing a blur vision which decreases over time: 1% to 2%
• Night halos if high myopia, high pupillary diameter or haze
• Low risk of postoperative infection: 1/4000

• Decentration of the corneal flap during first post-operative days: patient must wear an eye-cover at night during 2 weeks after surgery
• Dry eye: regular use of artificial tears is necessary during the first post-operative month
• Epithelial ingrowth in the interface under the corneal flap (0.1%) avoided by rinsing
• Inflammation under the corneal flap (0.5%) requiring anti-inflammatory treatment or rinsing the interface
• Night halos if high myopia or large pupillary diameter
• Extremely low risk of postoperative infection: 1/5000

Aberrometry:Customized wavefront treatment with aberrometry by Lasik or PRK:
• Same complications reported in Lasik
• Less regression and retreatment (2%-3%). Usually, a retreatment free of charge is necessary in 4 to 5% of cases
Less Glare and night halos.


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